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Our Process

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1. Visit our Showroom

Provide an outline of your project

To help us best serve you, we ask that you provide a simple drawing of your project. You can make an easy drawing by measuring the length and width of your countertops and then sketching it on paper. You can include more specific information such as sink type, if you have a cooktop or stove, type, and size of backsplash, etc. These all affect the price!

2. Material

Select between natural stone or quartz

Visit our showroom to see a large variety of stone and quartz surfaces. We work with many great distributors and brands and the possibilities of material are endless! Also, you may have the option of selecting different finishes such as polished or honed. Click here to see the options available in stock.

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3. Edge

Select the edge style

We have more than 10 different types of edges for you to choose from! Options range from simple, subtle edges to more traditional, elegant finishes. To help you select the right edge, we’ve even made 4 of our most popular edges (Pencil, Eased, 1/4” Round, ¼” Bevel) free of charge. We also offer lamination services, which means that we can make just about any material the thickness of your preference!

4. Quote

Receive and approve your estimate

Our estimate is based on the drawing provided by either the customer or the contractor, the current cost of the material selected, and any other factors, such as cut-outs, that affect the price. Prices are subject to change according to our measurements and they are only final after the template. The quote received includes one template trip and one installation trip.

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5. Template

Officially begin your project

After approving the estimate, we schedule an appointment to go to your house and get the exact measurements of your project so we may provide an accurate quote and have the correct information to begin our fabrication process.

6. Slab Approval

Choose the layout of your project

We invite you to come to our shop for a layout of templates, specifically made for your project, on the material you’ve selected to ensure that the placement (and in some cases, veining pattern) of the template is completely according to your liking. We require a deposit of 50% of the total payment to be made before we begin fabrication. We also sign the contract and schedule the installation appointment on this day!

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7. Fabrication

Let the magic begin

This is when our team prepares to transform your selected material into a work of art! Fabrication is a timely process and this is when the slabs get cut, finished, and sealed. We have a team of highly-trained professionals who work hard to ensure that every job is done with excellence and within our very fast turn-around time of only 5-7 business days!

8. Installation

Bringing the piece of art to your house

Our team will arrive at your house on the scheduled date of installation and get to work! Upon completion of the counter(s) installation, payment in full of the remaining balance is due for homeowners, and within ten days for contractors. All of our installations include a sealing application.​

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